10 Important Tips on Selecting a Gym

Selecting a gym can be difficult. It is important to join a facility that you will be comfortable training in – from the area it is located, its culture etc.

Here are a few pointers to consider; 

Proximity to your home
In your bid to find a gym that suits your needs, one that is near your home would be ideal.  You will have the power to choose to train either early morning before going to work or in the evening after work, without wasting time moving from one place to another. You will easily walk from your house to and from the gym, beating the stress of dealing with the traffic jam.

Proximity to your Workplace
A gym near your office is also a perfect choice. To train early in the morning, plan to arrive at the office early enough and easily walk to the gym, train, shower and go to the office to start the day feeling invigorated. The same will apply should you choose to train in the evening before going home.  Training after work is a great way of avoid wasting time waiting in the traffic jam.  By the time you are through with your training session, the jam will have eased making your journey home smooth.

Well Equipped Gym

Selecting a well-equipped gym will offer you a well balanced work out experience.  With a variety of machines and a good number of each machine, you will avoid a situation where you will have to queue to use a machine which really is a morale killer. Before settling on a gym, visit the facility at the time that you are likely to train, so as to ascertain that the situation is what you will be comfortable with.

Membership Variety

Choose a gym that has a menu of membership programs to select from – you can select what suits you best. Some choices include daily, monthly, semi-annual and annual memberships. As a frequent traveller, it would be best to settle on a gym that offers a frequent travellers’ membership.

Check for cleanliness of the facility and machines
Gyms being facilities frequented by many, are germ factories. For the gym management to ensure that the facility and the machines are clean and properly disinfected, a well-trained team must clean throughout the day. The cleaning must be extended to all the rooms in the facility that includes changing rooms, wash rooms, gym & fitness machines, studio plus weights. When you visit a potential gym, watch to see if they have put in place a strict policy of cleaning everything after use. If not, you can choose to pass on that particular facility. Hygiene is vital.

Is there an emergency plan in place
An injury or medical emergency may occur while you are training at the gym. You want to be sure that you will get necessary assistance should this happen to you.  All fitness trainers must be trained for first aid. It is also a requirement by the gym management that you provide contact details of a close relative and your doctor to be contacted in case of an emergency.

Qualified fitness instructors
It is important that the fitness instructors assisting you at the gym and studio are certified. This will ensure that you get safe and correct training. Most gyms are now displaying fitness instructor qualifications at designated notice boards within the facility. Otherwise, you can enquire from the Management.

Operating Time

Does the opening and closing time suit your schedule? Do they operate over the weekend if that is your preference? While visiting, be sure to check their operating hours.

Does the gym provide guest supplies?

Some gyms do not provide the guests with supplies such as towels, shower gel, lotion, slippers etc. Ensure that you check and confirm if these are included in your membership fee before signing up, to avoid conflict and disappointment.

Fitness instruction

Before settling on a gym, get clarification on whether fitness instruction is included in your membership fee, or whether you will have to get a personal trainer who is provided by the facility at a fee. Your membership fee may not include professional guidance from a certified fitness instructor.  This would then mean that you will have to pay extra to have a personal trainer – Kindly clarify with management to avoid disappointment.

Feel free to share more tips and your gym experiences.

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  • Dani

    I totally agree on this. Proximity to the workplace and/or home is very important as it is one of the factors that will affect the motivation. I experienced enrolling in a very nice gym with swimming pool and sauna but its a but far from home. I ended up wasting 60 euros a month for nearly a year just because I am so lazy to go out of my way.

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