Safety First

After looking at the importance of exercising, you have finally decided that it is time to include exercising in your daily routine.  Whether it is a physical activity that you have settled on or a gym membership, your decision to exercise is great news.

First things first. Before you begin your program, consider your safety first!

We now agree that exercising is good for us because, among many other benefits, exercising improves our overall well being, helps us lose weight the right way, improves our sleep and generally makes us feel good about ourselves.

However, if you exercise in an environment that is not safe, ignore the rules or wear the wrong attire, you may suffer serious injuries.


Tips to ensure safety;

Warm Up.

As a rule of thumb, you should not start any exercise before warming up your body.  Some warm up exercises that you can adopt are;

  1. 3 minutes of skipping rope 
  2. lunges for each leg
  3. 10 hip extensions
  4. 50 jumping jacks
  5. 10 body weight squats hip extensions.
  6. Gentle stretching
  7. 10 minute jog.

Warming up prepares your body for the more high impact exercises that you are about to start.  When you warm up, blood flow increases which is important because it helps your body transport oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles.

As you warm up, expect to feel your body getting warmer and your breathing more laboured. If you start exercising without warming up, you risk injuring your body e.g. joint injuries, muscle tear etc.


Start Gradually

Whether it is biking, running or walking, start slowly then gradually increase your pace. When preparing your exercise program, start with 10 to 15 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week for the first two weeks of your exercise program.

After this, gradually increase the length of time spent exercising. Eventually, the time you spend exercising will increase comfortably to a good length of time of half an hour to an hour.

Starting gradually will greatly help you avoid injuries such as muscles strains and ligament tears which can be quite painful.


Proper Exercise Attire 

Wearing proper exercising gear protects you from sports injuries and also ensures that you are comfortable while following your program at the gym. Ensure that you have good quality Running Shoes especially if you are working out on cardio machines such as treadmill, cross trainer or outdoor jogging.

Running shoes have soles that are made to absorb impact which protects your knees and shin. Choose light comfortable clothing that will not hinder you from participating in any of the exercises.



Follow Exercising Rules

These rules are created to protect you as you exercise, and to ensure that you get your desired results. As you exercise, make sure that you are at the right posture and that you are using the machines properly/correctly.

Each exercise has its own rules – if unsure, please consult your fitness trainer.

Ensuring your safety first before commencing your exercise routine will ensure that you enjoy working out. Remember that results are not instant; but with discipline, proper diet and consistency, you will see results sooner than later.


Cool Down

Cooling down your body after exercising is as important as warming up your body before exercising. After your work, don’t stop suddenly.

For example, if you are at the height of a cardio exercise, stopping suddenly may cause muscle strain – we need to avoid such kind of injuries.

To take your body back to a normal state after your workout, cool your body with these activities;

  1. Walking
  2. 5-10 minutes gentle stretch of the legs, chest, arms
  3. light jogging
  4. jumping jacks
  5. swimming.
  6. end with a relaxing massage.

These will ease your muscles, cool your body safely and prepare you for a restful good quality night sleep.

Please feel free to share some of your exercising safety tips.

I am your Fitness Guru, here to motivate and guide you to leave a fit and healthy life by offering you fitness advice, safe training tips, how to avoid injuries, talk about equipment selection for home and commercial use. Remember that regular and consistent exercising will be beneficial to you in the management of your weight, keeping a number of diseases at bay, and will keep you feeling young and invigorated. Most importantly, I am here to answer your fitness questions.


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