Cycling – Fun Outdoor Activity

You take a peek outside and the weather is just right for a bicycle ride. Cycling is indeed a fun outdoor exercising activity that you can take alone or together with friends and family.  Whichever way that you choose, ensure that you reap all the benefits that cycling has to offer.

Cycling is one of the best all round exercises there is. It builds up stamina and strength as well as being good for suppleness and balance.

choose the right bike

Whether you select a mountain bike which is best for the rugged off-road terrain or a road bike suitable for riding fast on tarmac or a hybrid bike for those casual riders, consider the kind of terrain you will be riding it on, the distance and of course size. This will guarantee a great riding experience, durability for your bike and comfort while riding.

Protect yourself

On the same breath, protect yourself by acquiring good quality riding gear and accessories. Helmet, Wrist Pads, Knee and Elbow Pads will protect you from serious injuries, should you be involved in a bicycle accident. By doing away with protective gear, you could be exposing yourself to injuries as serious as head injuries, broken jaw, broken limbs to less serious injuries such as a few bruises.


Having fun, socialising with your friends and quality time with your family are just some of the many benefits of cycling.

a. When you cycle, you will lose calories, which will help you lose weight. Remember you have to burn more calories than you consume.

b. Lowers the risk of heart disease. Cycling being a physical activity raising your heart rate and sets the motion of pumping blood all through your body. As we saw in the point above, cycling helps you lose weight which means you will not be overweight. Being overweight comes with a lot of health challenges such as heart disease, high blood pressures, diabetes etc.

c. Cycling is a very sociable sport. In the process of enjoying your ride, you will in turn expand your social circle. You may also choose to join cycling clubs near you for networking and additional activities.

WARNING! Cycling is addictive, a good addiction!



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