6 Fun Family Holiday Activities

Holidays are coming…

Are you looking forward to the Festive Season? I bet the answer is a resounding Yes!  The Festive Season is a time that brings lots of joy, cheer, giving and most importantly, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also a time that our school going children take their long holiday break – I am pretty sure that they are already talking about their holiday wishes and plans, right?

Yes, I know what you are thinking right about now; that it is too soon to be talking about the festive season, yes?  I assure you, it is not.  You know, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. 

Start planning now to achieve your holiday goals: 

  1. Identify activities and travelling you as a family wish to accomplish
  2. Budget accordingly
  3. Make sure that you take time off from work to participate together with your children. You can alternate time off from work with your partner.
  4. Planning ahead of time will eliminate stress from poor planning.
  5. Early planning will ensure that utilise your holiday time well by bonding and creating wonderful memories with your family.


Activities – Memories are made of these…


Apart from having fun and bonding as a family, cycling is an activity that will enable all of you improve your physical fitness. If you have a family member struggling with being overweight, this is a good and fun activity to help in losing those extra pounds.

In some towns, there are parks that have cycling designated areas, areas with markings and that offer sturdy multi-speed trail bicycles for hire. At the same spot, you can train on how to ride a bike!

After the fun and workout, have a picnic and take selfies!


Nature Walks

This is one of my favourites. Outdoors with family on a glorious day is superb! Enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful melodies from the birds.

Enjoy bird watching! Take this opportunity to introduce your children to the different types of birds, flowers, trees, wild animals that you get to see. Don’t forget to carry your camera and binoculars.

What’s more, you get to exercise. Walking will help in maintaining healthy weight, strengthen your bones and prevent various illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases.


Family Movie Nights

When is the last time you watched a movie as a family? During this festive season, select movies that fit the season’s mood. 

Ensure that the content is suitable for family viewing, considering that you will be watching with your children. You will find Internet Movie Database Website (imdb) very resourceful in providing movie content details.

Pop some popcorn, settle on your favourite spot and enjoy new or classic movies! to name a few:

  1. The Star
  2. Wonder
  3. Jumanji
  4. It’s a wonderful life
  5. The Elf on the Shelf: An Elf’s Story
  6. The Christmas Story

What is your movie list like, this holiday?



During this holiday, purpose to travel to a different town/country to experience different foods, meet new people of different cultures and perhaps participate in some of their activities and experience their way of life.

Ever wondered how the Masaai live and make their beautiful ornaments? how the Eskimo survive in the harsh climate? how the bushmen live and survive in the Kalahari desert?  well, travel and learn.

Research on the area that you have chosen to travel to and find ways of cutting down on costs. You can find cheap flights, get group discounts, while on holiday take a bus from one place to another which is an adventure in itself, book and stay in a house where you do the cooking for yourselves.

Remember to bring home some souvenirs!


Act of Kindness Activities

In a bid to raise well rounded children, take this time to teach them about the act of kindness and giving. For children, it is more effective to teach with an activity, as opposed to sitting them down and lecturing them.

Donating – together with your kids, select toys, clothes, books that you would like to donate to less fortunate children in your community. Make this fun by including others in your community:  

  1. Select a children’s home that you would like to make your donations to.
  2. Find out how many children (boys and girls), their names, ages, shoe sizes (depending on items that you have agreed to donate).
  3. Have the kids wrap the gifts and address to each child by name, and include a personal message on each gift.
  4. Have your children present the gifts. This will enable them make contact and perhaps make friends.
  5. Play games together, have a meal and take lots of photos.

You can choose to make this an annual event with your chosen theme each year.

Volunteering – Again together with your children and those interest in your community:

  1. Select a children’s home or shelter
  2. Get to know the kind of help they require. It may range from mowing the lawn, painting, repair of the furniture, reading to the children etc.
  3. Select an activity, put resources together and get it done.
  4. Have a meal together and take photos, videos and have fun.

Adopt-a-Pet – this is great responsibility which your children must be ready to take up. If this is something that they have wanted for some time, agree and lay down the ground rules, and get on with the process.

  1. Agree on which pet your kids love and are committed to taking care of
  2. Ensure you have a budget for your new addition to your family
  3. Prepare a good space for the pet to play, sleep, eat etc
  4. Let your kids select the particular pet and bring it home.

Did you know that you can adopt wildlife? Yes, here in Kenya, we have an Animal Adoption Programme where you get to support and adopt a wild animal like an adorable cheetah cub (of course you do not get to take it home). and guess what? you get to name it! How cool is that?


End the year with a bang!

What is that one activity/thing you have always wanted to try?

Participate in a Marathon

Completing a marathon is a lifetime accomplishment. However, it requires a lot of dedication, perseverance and consistency in training. You will need up to 5 months of consistent training consisting of long runs as you increase your distance to build your strength and endurance. If this is your thing, make sure that you work with a professional who will guide you accordingly.

Bungee jumping

Adrenaline Rush! If you fancy the thrill of free falling, then this is a must try for you. Bungee jumping is an activity where you jump from a tall building, cliff, helicopter, while you are connected to a large elastic cord at your ankle. Once you jump and get to the end of the cord, you are pulled back up and down by your ankle until the kinetic energy is used up.


What’s on your bucket list? 

For me, top on my list is to see,  feel and play on snow …. and of course build a snowman! 

you see, where I come from, it does not snow and I doubt that it will ever snow in this lifetime.  









Select fun activities that you will participate as a family. Early planning is important so that you eliminate the stress factor. Most of these activities are pretty inexpensive and therefore doable.

Ensure that you have a sit down with your family to talk about their expectations, discuss favourite holiday traditions so that you are sure that you are prioritizing what truly matters to them.

End the year on a high note by participating in that one activity that you have always wanted to try out, or something that you have always wanted to learn.

And hey, make sure you take lots of selfies, photos, videos for those good memories.


I am your Fitness Guru, here to motivate and guide you to leave a fit and healthy life by offering you fitness advice, safe training tips, how to avoid injuries, talk about equipment selection for home and commercial use. Remember that regular and consistent exercising will be beneficial to you in the management of your weight, keeping a number of diseases at bay, and will keep you feeling young and invigorated. Most importantly, I am here to answer your fitness questions.


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