Crucial Reasons Why You Must Exercise

Through this blog, it is my desire to help you live a long, stress-free, happy, healthy life. You can achieve all these in your life by committing to exercising on a regular basis – consistency will yield positive results. I am passionate about keeping fit.  I wish to share with you all the fitness knowledge I have acquired over the past 25 years I have been in the Health and Fitness industry, so that you too can reap the benefits of exercising. Choose fitness as a way of life by taking this fitness journey with me.

Many have asked me why they should exercise. It is a belief of many that we should exercise when we are overweight or when the doctor orders us to exercise. Well, these could be some of the few reasons that lead some people to exercise, but the truth is, we should not wait until there is a crisis such as disease and/or obesity for us to exercise.

Here are important reasons why we should all consider exercising. We will look at more reasons as we progress on this journey.

  1. Reduce Risk of Obesity;  
  • Obesity as we know it, is a disorder involving excessive body fat that increases the risk of health challenges. In most people, unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical activity may lead to Obesity.
  • You are what you eat. You will know that you fall in the bracket of people practicing unhealthy eating habits when you realise that you do not include vegetables and a fruits in your meals, you are taking too much alcohol which contains quite a large amount of calories and that you are always choosing to eat fast foods which contain a lot of fat = weight gain.
  • Please accept that a diet high in fat, sugar and salt will most definitely lead to weight gain which may lead to obesity. Once you are obese and carrying that extra weight around, you increase your chances of having heart disease, diabetes, cancer, infertility, fatigue, low self-esteem and poor mental and physical performance. The health challenges are many, many, many.
  • When you choose to take high energy foods i.e. fats and sugars and you do not participate in any physical activities, then your body will store the excess energy as fat in different parts of your body. Exercise burns calories and will help you lose weight.


  • Burn calories by:
    1. swimming,
    2. jogging,
    3. walking,
    4. taking stairs.
  • Eat a balanced diet. For you to achieve a good diet, include recommended amounts of:
    1. Proteins – nutrients that your body uses for growth and repair of cells and to supply you with energy. For example, eggs, cheese, milk, fish, beans, nuts, beef.
    2. Carbohydrates – nutrients that are the most useful for the supply of energy for your body. For example, bread, rice, potatoes, cereals, noodles, fruits, vegetables.
    3. Fats – nutrients your body uses for energy and to help store some vitamins. E.g. Steak, pork, milk, peanut butter, salad dressing.
    4. Vitamins – nutrients that help regulate your body processes and fight diseases. Vitamins help promote growth of new cells. E.g. Fruits and vegetables, milk, meat, eggs.
    5. Minerals – nutrients that help regulate body processes and build new cells. E.g. fruits, vegetables, milk, cereals, eggs, meat.
    6. Water – nutrient that helps with digestion, makes up most of your blood, helps remove waste products and helps regulate body temperature. E.g. drinking water, milk, soups, juices, fruits, vegetables.
  1. Keep the Doctor Away;
  • It is a fact of life that some diseases run in the family. However, some other diseases are caused by choosing an unhealthy lifestyle. If you eat well, exercise and look after yourself, you will likely live a long healthy life. Combine that with regular and correct exercising, you will succeed in boosting your immune system. This is good because you will reduce the risk of contracting diseases and infections, which in turn will drastically reduce your visits to the doctor and as a result, reduce your medical expenses. Which is a good thing, right?
  • As your weight increases, so does your blood pressure. To avoid the risk of high blood pressure, you will need to lose the extra pounds and stick to a healthy diet, as discussed in above point. Participate in activities that will increase your heart rate and breathing. This will make your heart stronger and lower your blood pressure.
  • As we stand today, there is a rise of type 2 diabetes in adults. Fat build-up around your abdomen will affect your body’s metabolism and the use of insulin – let us exercise and burn that calories!
  • Contributing factors to an onset of a heart attack include an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.
  • A stroke may be caused by choosing to consume a fatty diet which may cause brain damage due to the fact that your blood supply is interrupted.
  1. Improve your Sleep.
  • Participating in physical activities or exercises such as jogging, running on the treadmill, swimming, will require you to use up a lot of energy. As research has proven, regular and consistent routine exercising will improve the length and quality of your sleep.
  • Good quality sleep is important in aiding fat loss. Without it, your body’s ability to burn the stored carbohydrates reduces, causing fat storage in different parts of your body.
  • End your training session with a relaxing steam or sauna session which will help you continue burning the calories and sweat out toxins. It is relaxing and will for sure help you sleep soundly.
  • Benefits of good sleep includes:
    1. while you sleep, growth hormones and released
    2. your body cells are repaired
    3. your body gets required rest so that it can fight pathogens and keep you from getting sick
    4. good night sleep helps you stay in a good mood.
  1. Strong Bones and Healthy Muscles

Regular exercising will keep your bones strong and your muscles healthy. Swimming and cycling will help you build strong muscles. Having strong muscles is a sure way of building strong bones. 


You now know the importance of exercising and eating the right kind of foods. Lack of exercise brings forth all weight problems that includes different kinds of diseases, which can otherwise be avoided. You do not have to invest in an expensive gym membership – outdoor exercises such as running and cycling will do just fine.

Feel free to leave your comment and/or share your fitness experience.


I am your Fitness Guru, here to motivate and guide you to leave a fit and healthy life by offering you fitness advice, safe training tips, how to avoid injuries, talk about equipment selection for home and commercial use. Remember that regular and consistent exercising will be beneficial to you in the management of your weight, keeping a number of diseases at bay, and will keep you feeling young and invigorated. Most importantly, I am here to answer your fitness questions.


  • Minda

    I run every evening on my treadmill after my kids go to bed. I started doing this 7 months ago and I have noticed a lot of benefits such as better mood, better sleep and lost a bit of weight. So I really support your post!

    • Idris

      Keep it up Minda. You can also try combining your running with another exercise such as cycling. Success to you in your fitness journey. Keep it here for more posts.

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