Running – Awesome Activity!

Did you Know

that you can reduce the risk of dying early by running? aha! I knew that you didn’t know.  Research shows that as a runner, you can live three years longer than those who have not embraced running.  Running is the ultimate calorie burner and an excellent cardio training activity. Purpose to run 3 to 5 times a week so as to see the benefits. Being an outdoor activity, you can choose to run alone, with friends or family. You can also choose to run on a treadmill at the gym or in your house. It is not costly – you will just need a safe environment to run on, comfortable clothing and proper running shoes.  

Your running program

To be more organized and to utilize your time well, prepare a running program which will guide you.  As we had discussed in our earlier blog, if you are just starting out/new to running, begin your program slowly then build up as you go along – you do not want to start on a high note and end up with aches and pains. To start you off as a beginner, you can design a 15-minute running program. Do you remember what we said about warming-up your body? As a reminder, it is extremely important to warm up before starting any training program. So, warming up applies to running too.  Warm up with gentle walking, then increase your pace to a point that you feel your heart rate increasing and your body temperature rising. To aid in your heart rate increasing, swing your arms. To warm and prepare you legs, you can take longer steps. A 5-minute warm up will suffice. After this warm up, your body is ready!

Your running gear

Running shoes, a shirt and shorts are all you need to get you through your running program comfortably.  A proper pair of running shoes is very important in your running program. Remember that the shoes you select will bear all your weight while running; therefore, the shoes must be able to offer good shock absorption so as to avert the risk of injury to your knees and shin. Injury will derail you from your running program – we do not need that now, do we?

Select comfortable shorts and shirt. On warmer days, wear shorts and a shirt specifically designed to wick away moisture from your body. What’s more, you will be comfortable and most certainly will look like a runner! You may choose to wear a hat. Due to the fact that most body heat escapes through the head, wear a light one.

On colder days, wear warm cloths including a hat and gloves, and if it is extremely cold, include a scarf to protect your neck. Ensure that your sweatshirts and t-shirts are long sleeved – you can have a short-sleeved t-shirt underneath. To keep your legs warm, wear jogging pants or nylon warm up pants. Don’t let the weather deter you from progressing with your program.


It is important to check how you are progressing. If you find that your program is easy to attain, then you can gradually increase your speed either on the treadmill or on your outdoor running. If you find that you are struggling, then step it down to a comfortable level and increase the pace/speed gradually.

In Conclusion

You do not need a lot of money to partake in running. Did I mention that running is an effective calorie burner? Yes, it is. Your body continues to burn calories 2 to 3 hours after you have completed your run! isn’t that awesome?

Remember to end your run with a cool-down to allow your heart rate and blood pressure fall gradually. 5-10-minute slow Jog or walk will cool you down safely.  Don’t forget to take water to replenish yourself. Enjoy!

Feel free to share your running tips and experiences.

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